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Training at WUSC is held at Terrara Park from January to September!

Our Senior Teams commence in January, while February will see the start of the majority of our Junior Teams!

The training night your team will train will eventually be determined by your coach's availability! The coaches are an important part of your child's time as a Whitehorse United player, so we need to allow for them to have some flexibility so that they can provide the best environment they can!

During the season (April-September) we have full access to Terrara Park 5 nights a week and both weekend days! As the majority of our teams will train twice a week, expect to be down on two weeknights for training! And of course a Saturday or Sunday for your games!

In our Pre-Season period (January-March), we have limited to access to Terrara Park (nights to be confirmed) which will likely impact training times and length of training sessions. It is also likely that the nights used for training in Pre-Season will change when the season proper commences. So while we know it's difficult to manage multiple sports/activities for the kids, if your team coach needs to make a change from what's available during Pre Season you will see a change in your training schedule!


From April 2022 we will have full access to our new pavilion which features numerous change rooms and an amazing new social club room to be enjoyed by all. It has lovely warm heating for those cold training nights. We always encourage guardians to stay for the entirety of any given session.

​About Pre-season Training at Terrara

  • The ground is divided into 3 zones.
    One is in front of the carpark, one is in front of the pavilions, and one is past the cricket nets furthest from the carpark.
    We could be in any one of these zones on any given trial night, so please make sure you look for us when you get there! We'll make it obvious, we promise!

  • Player ARE NOT able to wear boots on the surface. Player MUST wear shin pads to ALL sessions.

  • Take ALL rubbish with you. We are always guests at any venue and will endeavour to leave it cleaner than when we arrive.

  • Drink taps available for parents/guardians/players.

  • There are also bathroom facilities at the ground located in the new pavilion.

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