Technical Director
Luke Marrone

Luke comes to us as an established member of the Whitehorse United family, having been at the club in some capacity since 1994.
Luke began coaching at a young age and brings over 10 years experience to the role. He has coached several junior teams while honing his coaching skills through his work with world-renowned technical coaching academy Coerver Coaching.
He has completed his FFA C Youth Licence and is well positioned to take the players at WUSC to the next level.

"My philosophy is very much player-first. That doesn't mean I let the players make the call, but rather everything we do should be for the benefit of the players. I coach every single player to make them the best player they can be when they become an adult. If that means a year playing in a lower grade to build confidence, that's what I believe should happen. If it means my team makes 5000 mistakes at 10 years old and we lose every game, that's what will happen. I don't prioritise winning at the expense of development, but I maintain that the drive to win is an integral part of development and so will always encourage competitiveness and work rate alongside technical and tactical development. I have a very long term approach and will always endeavour to do right by each and every player.
My ideal player would be technically-gifted with the ability to go it alone, but is also able to make the best decision for the good of the team in any situation."

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