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  • What age group is my child in?
    Age Groups are selected by year of birth! The age your child is turning in any given year will be the team they are in. eg. If you are turning 11 in 2024, you play Under 11s! For Season 2024 > Under 8 - Born 2016 Under 9 - Born 2015 Under 10 - Born 2014 Under 11 - Born 2013 Under 12 - Born 2012 Under 13 - Born 2011 Under 14 - Born 2010 Under 15 - Born 2009 Under 16 - Born 2008 Under 17 - Born 2007 Under 18 - Born 2006 Girls teams may not have a team in each age group, so there may be two age groups combined (eg Under 15/16 Girls - Born 2008/9)
  • When will the teams be picked?
    Junior Team Selection will be completed following the Team Selection period which runs during February in any given year. You will be notified by email. If age groups are still looking for players following the Team Selection period, we guarantee you will know about it! It will be all over our website, socials and in our emails!
  • What day do we play matches?
    At WUSC, our Miniroos Boys Teams play on Saturdays, while our older Junior boys and all girls teams play on Sundays. If your younger children can only play Sundays, let us know and we can see how we can help! Under 8/9/10/11 Teams play on Saturdays. Under 12/13/14/15/16/18/20 Teams play on Sundays. Miniroos Girls and Junior Girls play Sundays. Our FV and VCFA Senior Men play on Saturdays. Our FV Women play on Saturdays or Sundays.
  • What time are the matches?
    Times can vary depending on which club we are playing against and by what age group your team plays in! Under 8/9/10/11 Boys Teams will likely play on Saturday mornings. A general rule will be that the younger teams play earlier, but this is not set in stone and each club can set their own kick off times! Our Under 12/13/14/15/16/17/20 Boys Teams play on Sundays. The set times can only be used as a guideline as clubs with limited facilities may require changes in kick off times. The suggested times are as follows: U12 - 9:00am U13 - 10:10am U14 - 11:20am U15 - 12:30pm U16 - 1:45pm All Girls as well as Under 18/21 Teams play on Sundays. Clubs are able to select their own kick off times, so you may play at any time of the day.
  • Where will the matches be played?
    Whitehorse United SC can be found in the Eastern Region of the Football Victoria. The area generally encompasses an area between Glen Waverley, Doncaster, Richmond and even sometimes out to Monbulk (or even Healesville!). Occasionally if a league doesn't have enough teams, the spread could be wider. On average, allow 15-20 minutes to drive to an away game. Sometimes it might be 5 minutes, sometimes it might be 45! The Season runs as a home-and-away fixture, so half the games will be played at other clubs' grounds, and half will be at Terrara Park!
  • When does my team have training?
    (NOTE: Pre-Season Training for February-March will likely have different times/nights as we only have limited access to Terrara Park) At WUSC, a lot of your training timetable will depend on the availability of your coach! We encourage all our teams to train twice a week, although some of our younger teams will only train once a week. During the season (April-September) we have full access to Terrara Park every day of the week, so training could be on any one (or two ) nights. Generally teams will either train in between 5:00-7:00pm, or between 7:00-8:45 pm. Some of our training sessions will be 90-minutes, but younger age groups may only train for 60-75 minutes.
  • How much will it cost to play for the season?
    2024 Fee Schedule > Kick-Off Program - $220 > Miniroos Teams (Under 8-11) - $400 > Junior Teams (Under 12-18) - $580 > Senior Teams FV (Under 21/Men/Women) - $400 > Senior Teams VCFA - $250 New players to WUSC will receive shorts and socks in their first year. All Junior Registrations will also receive a ball!
  • When do I need to pay?
    Full registration payments will only be open once team selection is finalised. To play in any matches against other clubs you must have paid in full and registered to play with the FV. Payments can be made via Direct Debit or EFTPOS machine at the club. No registration payments are able to be made by cash. If you need to pay by cash you will need to make a deposit at a Bendigo Bank branch. Full payments are usually made in March.
  • What do I wear to training?
    You must wear shin pads at all times when you get to training. We don't want people to wear official match uniform at training if it can be avoided. During the season you will also be required to wear soccer boots.
  • How do I get my uniform?
    Once teams have been selected and players are paid and registered we will commence the uniform handout. Socks and shorts are yours to keep! The playing top is yours for the season, but we will need it back once the season is finished. If you're interested to know what you'll be turning out in, we wear yellow tops, blue shorts, and blue socks!
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